- Australia is situated in the Southern hemisphere.

- So, when it’s Winter in France, it’s Summer in Australia.


- Australia is composed of 6  states and 2 territories.

- The capital city of Australia is Canberra.

- The largest cities are: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide.

- Australia has a population about 22 million people.

- Australia is called « The Land Down Under» because it is below the Equator.

  It is also called « Oz»


- There is the British Flag (Union Jack) on the upper left corner because

  Australia is a former British colony.

- The 5 stars represent the Southern Cross constellation.

- The Commonwealth star represents the six federating colonies.


The currency in Australia is the  Australian dollar.

  1. 5.

- The «Head of State» of Australia is Queen Elizabeth II.

- The Governor General represents her when she’s not there.

  1. -An elected government runs the country;

  the Prime Minister is the Head of Government.

  1. 6.

  2. -Aboriginal Australians are people whose ancestors were indigenous

  Australians: they lived there before British colonisation =

  they were the first to live in Australia.

  1. -In the Aboriginal flag: the black represents the night sky , the red


  represents the red earth , the yellow represents the sun.

- A «didgeridoo» is a musical instrument.

  1. -There are 2 types of boomerangs: the hunting boomerang that doesn’t

  return, and the returning boomerang used as a plaything for young people,

  a rhythm instrument, a digging tool...

  1. 7.

- Uluru is the traditional Aboriginal name of Ayers Rock.

- It is a sacred place: there are caves with Aboriginal paintings in them.

- It is 2km long,  1,5 km wide and 348m high; it is a few million years old.

  1. 8.

  2. -The Flying doctors are doctors who take care of patients who live in rural,

  isolated areas  of Australia and can’t access a hospital because of the vast

  distances of the Outback.

- They use planes = flying ambulances to go and see the patients.

  1. 9.

  2. -Alice Spring School of the Air. In the isolated areas of the Outback there

  aren’t any schools so the children use a radio to hear their teachers’ lessons.

  1. 10.

- Dingoes are wild dogs.

- They live in the dry plains and forests of Australia.

- They are carnivores : they eat rats, kangaroos, birds, rabbits, lizards...








sugar glider


  1. 11.

  2. -The Outback is in the middle of Australia. It is very dry.

   Not many people live there.

- In the Outback there are sheep and cattle ranches called : Stations.

  1. -Sydney is the largest city in Australia. 4 million people live there.

  The Harbour Bridge and Opera House are very famous sites.

  1. -Near Cairns there is the Great Barrier Reef , it is about 2000 kms long.

  It is made up of coral and algae. It is the largest deposit coral in the world.



        friend =  a cobber, a mate                    good day/ hello = g’day       

        work = yakka                                        girl = sheila                

        Australian language = Aussie lingo        a guy = a bloke


        arvo = afternoon                                   bickies =  bucks, money

        hoon =  fool, idiot                            Oz = Australia: the land down under

        sticky beak =  a nosy person                 durry = a cigarette

  1. 13.

  2. -Australia’s national sport is cricket. They also play Australian Rules

  Football, rugby, soccer and boomerang. There are also a lot of surfers.